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Thanks for the replies guys.

It doesn’t seem to be an ftp fileserver path issue, as this is still working fine, and any changes I have made have been received. I have checked the wdm server ip on a couple of the devices to verify it, and it was correct as you’d expect, as the wdm server ip hasn’t changed, and the dhcp scope option is the same as ever. As far as I know there have been no changes on the wdm server, and it is running windows server 2003 sp2 (I am planning to upgrade it to 2003 r2 soon). I haven’t tried a network trace yet, but I’ll try that soon and see how i go. Silly question, is it possible that it’s now neccessary to set the wdm server port using dhcp scope options…?


UPDATE: I’ve just been running wireshark and i’ve found a terminal that is on and tried to report, and I can see that the terminal sent all it’s information, and the wdm server sent back “&ER|Agent Not Sending valid value”. Is this a wdm bug maybe?