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Thanks a lot. Maybe my mind was in a galaxy far far away (r2d2^^)

Ok, I renamed it correctly and it didn’t work. After another hour of trying I re-read the readme file and discovered my second mistake. “You should rename the .i2d file to 3150.i2d” …

So I did it and it worked! I chose the 3150 in the selection screen and the programme loaded a lot of stuff. It finished properly and I restarted the 3150 ….

“PXE-E01: PCI Vendor and Device IDs do not match! No boot device present. Halting.”

This nice little message is now shown on the screen. I googled this error and it said that there is a problem with the boot order in the BIOS.
So I restarted again and changed into the BIOS screen by pressing DEL. And there I saw some interesting facts.
First, the usual password “Fireport” is not working! And second, on the BIOS screen it says:
Boot order configuration
2. Invalid Entry!
3. Invalid Entry!

Video Memory: Invalid Entry!
Power Control: Always On
Parallel Port Mode: Compatible

I am pretty sure that this is not correct, but unfortunately I have no idea what I can do now.
I tried to reboot with the USB stick in order to flash the image and the BIOS but the same message about “no boot device” occured. Even the USB device with my linux is not booting.

Is it possible that the battery is dead?
How can I flash the BIOS and the OS without the possibility of booting from a USB drive?

Maybe someone can give me a hint.

Thanks, Fink