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Hi Thanks for your reply.
I’ve only just got round to testing this.
I have found that in order to install multiple certificates the syntax is as follows:


I am having a problem however. If I import the certificates as a .cer or .crt file using the USB import function the certificate imports correctly and the terminal uses the certificates correctly.

If I use the wnos.ini file to import the certificates as a .cer file the terminal will not install the certificates. The error message “Cannot open certificate file CERT1.cer on file server”

If I use the wnos.ini file to import the certificate as a .crt file the terminal does install the certificate however the terminal doesnt seem to use the certificate correctly, ie it doesnt authenticate the user correctly.

So to summarise – USB import will work when certificate file as a .cer or .crt.

WNOS.ini import will import certificate file as a .crt but does not authenticate user.
WNOS.ini import will not import certificate as a cer.

Do you know what might be going on here?