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I know this sounds weird but what you get the blinking cursor can you then unplug the unit, remove the cover and re-set the CMOS jumper switch next to the battery. Just move it across to the the middle and outside pin and then move the jumper back to its original position,



I moved the CMOS-jumper to the other position and then back to its original position, but now not even the BIOS runs through – after starting it hangs at the wyse-logo.
I guess I´ll have to send it back…

Regards, David

I realize that this is a very old post, but it’s what came up when I searched around about my problem.
I’ve followed and done the same things as David here and I’m getting somewhat of the the same problem he had.
The V10L box will go past the logo screen, but it only shows a blinking courser and will go no further then that.

Any ideas?