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Thanks for the replies. Did I mention I’m a total newbie? Actually, yes, that’s what’s I want to do, manually enter the FTP info into each thin client once. Just a bit of background: there’s a “network” team setting up a VMware View and FTP server and I’m on the “desktop” team setting up the thin clients, so I also don’t have full control of the FTP server. From what I know of the FTP server is that it’s Linux (I’ve read that can make a difference in trailing slashes in paths) and right now there’s a “Wyse” folder on the FTP root. I asked the network team to create a “WNOS” subfolder and put the wnos.ini file within it. It’s set to allow anonymous logons but I believe everything is read-only right now. Should write access be enabled?

Using X’s and 1’s instead of the actual URL or IP:
The INI file resides at:

The only setting I’ve set on the V10LE is on the Servers tab of Network Setup – it’s my understanding these are the only settings I need to set when using a network INI file under these circumstances.
Under File Servers/Path I’ve tried:

What am I missing? Do I need to configure something else on the thin client?
Thanks again