Reply To: Only some WYSE V30L terminals found in Subnets

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Subnet discovery is a subnet broadcast. I don’t think increasing the timeout will help that as its a single broadcast packet.

For the routers, you’d need to enabled subnet-broadcast on the remote subnets (basically anything with a device). If I were your network guy I’d tell you no, and depending on where the end users are, you may not even have an option to do this. Most routers have disabled subnet-broadcasts since 2001 for security.

For discovery, creating a simple IP range for the devices is a better solution. Like confgen I think DHCP option tags for autodiscovery is best option. You might consider using DHCP reservations instead of static ips. this will give you the same security (presumed reason for static) while giving you central control of IPs and addition of OT support.