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Everyone – Well, I got over my fear of new-to-me devices and just dove in. Thanks to the previous posts/answers, I was able to finally wrap my wee brain around the process and was successful! Three of Five completely re-imaged to the latest CE image and working on the other two. RDP to WinXP Pro (physical) has been tested and works as expected with the exception of motion videos – youtube playback is jumpy. But that is okay as the users of these devices will be working mostly excel, email, and a legacy app on AIX via telnet. I have yet to test the connection to a VirtualPC installation of WinXP Pro but I don’t think there will be any issues there.

If anyone does have any advice about smoothin out the video on these thin clients (without degrading the resolution too much) I sure would like to hear from you!

Thanks again to all of the great posters/solvers.