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@earlytv wrote:

Install = linux installs also with out flash but a 20gb 1.8 44 pin IDE drive anything that will or can install.

Clone = exact full copy of another units flash put into 2nd unit.

I (now) understand. 😀

@no one in particular ……..
We purchased a 1GB , 2Gb and 4Gb modules from here

The 4Gb (TS4GDOM44V-S-B289) was the first to come, and we used in to replace the failed stock 512MB flash. The drive was detected in the BIOS as “transcend”

The 1GB flash image 9V92_S673_1024 would not fit on our 1G USB drives so we had to use the smaller 9V92_S625_512 image . It is a pain that all our “branded” >1GB USB drives lock the wyse terminals and we cannot boot from them.

When creating the wyse bootable USB drive we did not select “keep existing partition size….” from the options.

The installation went ahead as normal, with a few ‘warning’ messages at the beginning about the flash disk.

Upon completion and reboot, a script initiated that (through a dos box) showed the OS was expanding to fill the 4GB drive. Until than I was worried I would just have a 512MB on C: due to it being a 512MB image.

However I have only tested it for about 5 minutes, perhaps other problems are awaiting discovery ….

For completeness I should also explain that initially we did create a 1GB USB image that we later found was bad. When trying to install from it, we had a messages about an incorrect partition on the disk, which we assumed to be the usb install complaining about the 4GB flash (in reality it was the wyse box complaining about the USB drive). To ‘solve’ this we did a proper install of windows to create a 4GB partition, before retrying the USB installer. Of course it did not solve the problem, and it was only when we re-imaged the USB drive did we work out what the problem was. It was then we used the 512MB USB install