Reply To: XPe SP3 ? Need SSO (single sign on)

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I dont know if this is what you want but a man on ebay WAS selling V90s that he had changed much. It has IE8, WMP11 and MAGICJACK phone.
This unit is XPE SP2 and on startup goes straight to admin screen never asking for any pass word or even showing the admin, user, password boxes? Its faster than anything WYSE has for the V90?
Not all the wyse stuff is gone but some is.
Only problem I have had with it WAS it would not do MP3 streaming music from Vtuner on the net, it should have but didnt. I found a fix on the net for this that did something to the regestry?

I have a V90 with the newest 627 xpe that I have almost as fast as the magicjack unit . Stripping out much wyse stuff didnt help but installing JAVA did help speed????

While doing all this I keep a DIG image of orig so if I really mess up I can put it back. A digital image not a wyse image, but I have those also.

Sorry Im getting old, didnt see this was all about a S90 not the V90?
Old brain again, somewhere in my mess I have a S90 that like above starts up no password junk because its also a magicjack unit which has to do this so at a power loss would start back up to keep the phone working?