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Hi ConfGen

Thanks for reviewing my post, yes basically the S30 states its 590.01.01, correctly WDM database records it as 590.01.01, its set to CEN, but no matter what i do it keeps imaging every checkin.

its a good thing im bald or i would pull my hair out, im at the point now where i may build another WDM and try the image, i dont really want to reload it due to all the work i put into its setup, groups etc.

iv used unpadded, padded, custom images, every build number going,

our S10’s are working fine with DDC,

do you know of anywhere i can check this reporting in process, look at what the s30 is giving wdm when it checks in or something like that, i have raised a wyse support incident but last time i did that the guy told me its not possible to change a build number….. so my confidence is low



ps your a ledgend for all ur community help 😀 we appreciate you