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This is an answer I got from another forum :

Instead of changing the boot order, hold down the “P” key when you see the yellow boot screen, with the USB drive plugged in, of course. This will bring up a boot menu. Scroll down to +Hard Drive. The plus sign means there is a sub menu. Hit enter on +Hard Drive to access the sub menu and your USB key will be listed.
Alternatively you can access the bios, but the setting to boot off the USB drive is not USB-ZIP. It’s under the Hard Disk Boot Priority in the V class bios. Select the USB
Key that matches the name of your Kingston and move it to the 1 position by using the + key. Save the BIOS settings and reboot.

If you still get the blinking cursor in the corner, verify that you have created the USB drive correctly. You need to use the USB tool on a PC to point it to a image RSP file, or I2D file. Then point it to your USB drive. This will format the USB drive to be bootable and convert your image to Merlin. Then once complete the USB drive will be ejected. Not literally, of course. 🙂