Reply To: S10’s suddenly ignoring the wnos file? Help!?

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Hi CG,

I have downloaded the Getting started document and understand that; what I cannot understand is that everything was working for 4 years without a hitch and then it all changed last week and the WTOS canot see, or read the File Server:

Again, for me DHCP option 161 is set to the IP address of the FTP server
DHCP option 162 was set to /$ (for 4 years) now it is set to /

I logged into one of the WTOS in Shannon through the VPN and can see that the WTOS accepts the passwotd I put into VNC and that the settings are greyed out so it is locked down, however it is not reading/updating or applying the wnos.ini file – I am getting really desperate now as I have people screaming at me!

I have just logged into WTOS in other Regional Offices adn they are all now Updating and connecting to the Sign In screen for our Citrix Desktop. I can see that it is only the Shannon office whch is now not connecting and I am tryiong to find out why – the NEw Netwoek Engineer has recently replaced their PIX and I have no access to this. However, he tells me that under DHCP OPtions he has:
150= (our DC IP)
161= (our ftp IP)
162=ascii /

he tells me that as it is a Cicso device it must have the words ascii there??

I also seem to get in the logs ast all Regional Offices an “SNTP: -1 errno: 4
Do you know what this is as I assume it is the time server as it tries again within a few seconds and get the same error?

aka Fanflame