Reply To: S10’s suddenly ignoring the wnos file? Help!?

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Hi CG,

Thanks for your help; I am still having issues with peoles WTOS. I do not look after the new CISCO PIX and have no access to them – however, I have had the engineer change DHCP option 162 to read ascii /

this has removed the $ which has been there for the last 5 years.

However, even though I have ammended the path on the ftp server so the wnos.ini is found here – ftp/wnos/wnos.ini the WTOS still will not read or update them selves.

THis is really getting me down.

In the system information the Event Log stop at SNTP Error 25?? do you know what this is?

I am logging into just one remte WTOS to check all this. Others have got theiors online and are working manually.

Can you point me to the Getting Started doc you mention please.