Reply To: Newly Install of WDM 4.7.2 Enterprise Edition

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OK, seems to be clear.

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I will contact Enteo if they support mac filtering.
If so, it would be possible to filter 008064* out (this are our thin clients).

IP Helpers are already set as networker mentioned to me before.
Right now the IP Helper should point to DHCP Server i think.

What do you mean that they can add more ?
I think you mean that one IP Helper shows to the WDM-Server too (additionally to the one that points to the DHCP-Server) ?

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To understand right –>
PXE is just needed to reimage the device, right ?
To distribute software this is not necessary, right ?

Which selected devices are currently supported ?
How to image them with these Non-PXE-Bootagents ?

Thanks for patience. 😀