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Yepp, I should have done that 😛
The problem however was solved this morning and consisted on multiple faults and misunderstandings:

1. When trying to install either version, I could not get it to install only the console, as there where no such choice. This was my bad as the serial was wrong. (not the enterprise license needed)
2. Reinstalling directly to v. 4.7.2 was not possible. I had to install the 4.7.0 version first, then upgrade to 4.7.2

I tried searching both this forum and the whole site for all symptoms / fault messages, but I didn’t get a perfect hit. Do anyone else find the search functions on this site troublesome ❓

Thank you for the help anyways, this site is great when searching for knowledge and tech-tips for Wyse clients. As some have mentioned, even better than Wyse support 8)