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Thanks for Correction 🙂 ,I am using Presentation server 4.5 .Yes i am trying to access Web Inetrface Through Local IE from Wyse. As i said i have no idea about the wyse Stuff so i had given a basic try ,

1) Presentation Server is installed on my Window Server 2003 and working proper .i had developed a Virtual Channel app for desktop and it’s working smoothly.

2) Now from Wyse ,Right click on Desktop and select add connection and select Citrix ICA Client (This client is default client of Wyse for citrix).

3)it popup a dialog for various information like Server or published application in that i had choose server and given the valid address of Server.

And i am not able to connect through presentation Server. Nothing else i had done because i don’t have any idea about that .

Then i had use Web Interfaces through my Local IE of Wyse was able to login in my farm application from wyse and can see my Published application but when i clicked on published application it saves that FlashAppsrv.ini is missing .Second thing even my IE page shows a message that Citrix ICA client is not Installed on the machine . So i have no clue because i know in case of desktop i have to Installed Citrix ICA client but i am assuming that WYSE client should work here but that seems Program neighbor hood agent So that’s why it’s giving error with respect to Web interface Client.

Regarding CE build

5.0 Wyse FR3 (Build 588)

Thanks for your help