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@CG wrote:

A few things on managing Xpe based units with WDM:

– XPe based units will not read the DHCP option tag 186 currently
– therefore you would have to enter the IP of your WDM server locally on the unit under Control Panel/WDM
– the normal way to work with XPe units is to configure one with all apps, settings AND WDM connectivity, pull the image and then push that image back to all new devices. (yes, I know I have skipped the way how to create the master image with Prep4man. but that is a different story).


Thanks for your answer.

So with a XPe Wyse, it is impossible to detect device the first time we plug it ?

I went in the control panel of a wyse, i’ve clicked on “rapport”

And it was configured like that:

IP Address:
Port: 80

The server ip is OK, but maybe the port is not.
I’ve tried with 21, and it doesn’t work too, can’t discover the device automatically. 🙁