Reply To: Unable to Image using Merlin over HTTP/S

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Looks to me like a misunderstanding here.
As you were able to flash the unit successfully using PXE, I assume it was using Merlin via HTTPS. But, and there is always a but, Merlin does not automatically mean that you are no longer use PXE.
Wyse can image units via Wisard and Merlin. Wisard is using FTP/PXE and Merlin is using HTTP(S)/PXE. Merlin is also able to use a Bootagent to overcome the PXE requirement.
Currently there is no Wyse standard package out there that has a preinstalled Bootagent incorporated. The WDM package “Bootagent Upgrade” is really only for upgrading an existing agent.

Do you expect Merlin to use Non-PXE?