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Hello Confgen,

Thank you for the help so far.

I am running CE5 on one test unit, and 4.2 on the other.

I see that the CE5 unit is showing Version 3, Build 16 for the mass-storage addon, while the 4.2 unit is showing Version 1, build 9. I can update the 4.2 unit, but I thought I should try recreating the problem first, so I can be sure I have actually fixed it.

I formatted a usb drive (1GB) with NTFS, copied some files to it and tried to recreate the erasure problem, on both terminals and I could not do so.

Neither machine will erase the flash drive, and neither machine is allowing me to view the flash drive contents from the terminal server. I’ve ticked the drive mapping box in the connection manager, and I can see the “Files on WTxxxyyy” option in explorer, but that node is empty when I double click it.

Remote mapped usb drives work on the terminal servers with all of the other terminal makes and models, I just can’t seem to make it work on the 3235LE, and because I have had the ban on using them with flash drives for so long, I can not remember if this was always a problem.

Any thoughts?