Reply To: Display issues with build 588 and 590 on S30 units

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Some of them are newer ones made in 2008/2009 which are RoHS compliant (the part number ends in 01L), but some are older S30s made anywhere from 2005 to 2007.

I believe the three S30s I tried the new firmware on were made in mid-to-late 2006/early 2007

Edit: I tried resetting the BIOS settings to their defaults on the non-RoHS compliant S30 unit I am using for testing, and now the display works properly at 1280×1024. When I reset the settings to their defaults, the video memory allocation was changed to 9 MB, where it was set to 6 MB before. I checked a few other S30s we have in production, and some of them had their video memory settings set as low as 4 MB.

Was the problem simply caused by there not being enough physical memory allocated as VRAM to handle the larger resolution? If so, is there any way I can configure this setting remotely with either a registry setting or a script? I know it’s possible to set the boot device order in the BIOS using the CE registry, but I’ve never tried for the video memory allocation.