Reply To: DNS/WINS can’t resolve wyseftpfbc4tc

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wyseftpfbc4tc is a fall back mechanism that Wyse implemented.
“wyseftpfbc4tc = Wyse FTP Fall Back Controller for Thin Clients”
You should change a few things in your environment to make it work.
1. In WDM go to Configuration Manager-Preferences-WTOS Preferences and disable the checkbox there (there is only one)
2. Place the wnos.ini in ftproot/wnos/wnos.ini
3. Check that after a reboot (if it not already works now) the Fileserver reflects the IP of your FTP server (and JUST the IP!!!) and the logon credentials for the FTP user are “anonymous” with any password.

To learn more about that read my “First Steps” on my website.