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(sorry…. long)
Yes that was a great help getting me started on this. Alas it did not lead to results.

The problem seems to be in the authentification. Whatever I do to the ICA client breaks the user logon authentification. I hope you, dear reader, understand what I mean. Because I don’t.

The thing is, I know how authentification works on Linux, and I try to understand how authentification works on Windows. At least in the sense that I can get it to work. But add a citrix environment and it all becomes a great mess. I am sure there is a logic, but I haven’t found it yet.

The good thing is that the ICA-client-version9.pak that I found on the download page is transparant. It’s a couple of (as is to be expected) library files, and a handful of bash scripts and .ini files tying it all together. The bad thing is that it breaks authentification, so I don’t know which parts of the .pak to trust and which to untrust.
Because there’s also a pam (./etc/conf.d/pam.d/) module/service in there. I think that it is there where the installer takes a wrong turn and *oops* can’t authenitcate the user/password combo anymore.
This happens when I add my own ingredients to the package, but (much to my horror :wink:) also when I use the ICA-client-version9.pak straight from the Wyse .pak download page.

I’ve been able to make the vanilla Citrix ICA client v11 (Linux native) install on the Wyse terminal over SSH by making some manual alterations (the Citrix installscript expects some things to be different and errors out, but nothing more complex than filename pathname alterations. Luckily it is quite verbose while erroring). Yippee. But this results in a flashing screen. A reboot later it fails to authenticate the user.

So it appears my new *bling* challenge is not only to upgrade the ICA client to new heights, but also to keep the authentification from breaking.

Right now I’m looking at Wyse Linux Parameters (pdf). But for all it’s helpful detail, it doesn’t tell me where the process goes wrong. I would really be helped if there was some resource available somewhere on how these different things (Windows server 2003, Linux, Citrix) interact. With the authentification puzzle solved, I would still have the upgrade ahead but at least it be something to work with.

Thanks for reading