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Hi CG,
Thanks for help.

This computer had nothing specific installed before. I uninstalled all that was firewall and antivirus.
I just followed the procedure for WSI 1.3.6, for XP, with FTP services, DHCP turbo and WSI.
During the procedure I was asked to confirm the folder where FTP is installed, but not where Turbo DHCP is.
In older procedures I saw it was required as well to confirm DHCP installasjon folder, but I didn’t see it along the installation. I assume it is no more required.

But if I don’t fill any DHCP option in the Turbo DHCP (yes, noting should be filled in following the documentation…), then I get the message that “boot file “PXE-E53 no boot file recieved”.
And when I see the trace I just see in that case that the terminal request via DHCP en boot fil but the DHCP server answer with nothing regarding bootfil.

If there is a proxy that should answer, then I don’t know how to check if it works or not, if there is a service started for that.

I am confused with the installation that really how it should be done?