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As a matter of fact, I did use the USB Imager, but only after reading elsewhere on FWM the following:

Currently the USB imager now supports the following Wyse platforms:

Wyse x150 (9150, 5150 and 3150)

Wyse V-Class (V90, V50 and V30)
Wyse S-Class (non-RoHS S90, S50 and S30)

Wyse V Class L/LE- (V90L/LE, V50L/LE, V30L/LE and V10L)
Wyse S-Class (RoHS S90, S50 and S30)

I’ve tried WSI but the clients aren’t making the connection. I know DHCP is set up correctly as I was able to successfully pull an image from a good S50 using these instructions: