Reply To: Is there a way to extract i2d image?

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If you install Wyse Devie manager, inside it in C:Program FilesWyseWDMUtilities there is a tool called ConverterUtility (Merlin Image Converter), if you feed it the .i2d file and the .rsp that come out from the firmware (WFR?) you will get the extracted .img files. I selected OS: XP/XPE and Image Type: Non-Pxe, those are the options you get when you run that utlity, maybe the other choices work but I didn’t try.

Those of you that want to do firmware upgrade without reflash this is a perfect way, extract the nor.img and flash it using your favorite award flash utility. I did mine by booting freedos over gpxe (memtest kernel) and running award flash utility with the /tiny flag (due to dos being stupid and not understanding the fact that it actually has memory).

I sure hope this helps someone. I do not use my thin client to run any of the wyse images therefore the bios is all I really wanted.