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Here is a note I got from support on this issue:

Devices are not being discover by WDM
Or all devices are being red in the WDM

You can test if the Wyse thin client can be able to reach the WDM web server for check-in

– for testing – open the IE browser from the XPe device and put the following URL – (substitute the with WDM server IP address and use:80 for port 80
The WDM web server should reply with date and time
– If the device browser failed to contact the WDM web browser, meaning that there is some firewall in between the device and the WDM.

For troubleshooting –
– Download the “debugviewâ€￾ from –
– Login to one of the remote XPe device as Administrator with disable write filter
– Place the debugview in the desktop and run it > enable the run kernel
– Open the XPe windows services – Click start > Run > type-in “services.mscâ€￾
– Restart the Hagent services ( this will forces the device to make an initial check-in to the WDM web server)
– Stop the debugview and save it
– Send us the copy of the log for review

I did this on one client where I knew the address. For some reason, I finished doing this and almost all the devices on the IP Ranges I scanned showed up. I added a new IP range and scanned per normal and nothing came back. I guess I’ll go through the steps again and the others will come up? I’m not sure why doing this will make the list populate.