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Honestly, kick your collegues. Using the DHCP option tag is strongly recommended by Wyse themself.
But, if it is like this, try this:

– Use WDM to pull a CE config
– Looks through the settings.reg file you got for the WDM server entry
– based on this create your own registry file, eg.

check the correct registry value. The above is not proved.
– now create a WDM script like this

Description=Set the WDM server name
Category=CE Addons

; * Written by ConfGen

LU “The administrator is updating the configuration for this device”
MR “settings.reg”

– save this script in eg: c:tempsetwdm.rsp
– save the reg file under c:tempsetwdmsettings.reg
– register the package in WDM and test.