Reply To: v90le turns off write filter to update – No WDM!

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OK, looks like I misunderstood you.
To sumarize:
– you have Xpe client in a 192.168.x.y. subnet
– these clients get some update packages from a WDM server with 172.16.x.y. IP
Does your network has a route to a 172.16. subnet?
Looks like someone has installed a WDM server in your network, maybe for testing and either wants to fool you or just forgot about it.

Two things I would do:
– Try to find this WDM server
– Install my own WDM server and let the clients check-in to my WDM server. This way they will no longer communicate with the other one. At least if this other WDM server was just forgotten.

The thing is, that all XPe client that do not have a WDM server preconfigured try to find a WDM server by sending out continously DHCP broadcasts. As WDM act as a DHCP proxy it will “hear” this broadcast and answer the client with its own IP. This IP will then be saved on the client which could be seen by the “Update” announcement.