Reply To: WDM 4.7.0 – cant push/pull images

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I have a very similar if not the same problem.

I’m running WDM 4.7.1.

I’ve successfully pushed an image to 2 x S90’s (S92) but am now stuck trying to image another unit.

I set the package to run ‘Now’
Thin Client gets the message and reboots
PXE boots and finds the TFTP server, then the scripting begins

This is the process:

Contacting Server
Searching for Interface
Server Found 4001(01)
Upload /ERROR 4002(02)
RSP Environment Transformation Required…….OPEN Failure….OPEN Failure….OPEN Failure….OPEN Failure….OPEN Failure….

WDM log shows:

“Error 10038 writing udp packet”

Any ideas?!