Reply To: Imaging 9150 with S90 SP2 image

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I added the 9150 through WDM’s standard auto-discover.

I tried rescheduling the job 3 times, and Roll to Boot on 2 of those, and I would reboot the device and it still just had “LocalBoot” auto-selected on PXE and went straight back to XPe.

I tried to send a non-image package to see if that would take. I tried upgrading the HAgent. I noticed that the newest version, it appeared, was and the HAgent on the client was

When I kicked that package off, it didn’t do anything for a bit. Then I just let it sit for a while and it finally started pushing that package and the window popped up on the client, and I chose Upgrade Now, and it did whatever it does, and then rebooted.

But when it rebooted, i checked the version tab on the file’s properties window, and it was still

I don’t know if any of that helps at all. Thanks so much for all your help. You really are a life saver!