Reply To: Flash Memory Free on V90 XPe device is running low

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Here is a response from Wyse technical support:

If the thin clients are run with the Write Filter disabled, all bets are off. The flash will eventually fill up and you will see performance issue, but it may cause damage to the flash.

The ramifications of not having enough free space on the thin client is the performance will slow down, and if the Ram Drive (temporary drive) is filled up, the thin client will reboot to clean up the RAM Drive.

The Wyse XPE thin clients have a ram disk, a temporary drive (Z drive) that is part of the C: drive. This size of this drive varies from unit to unit with a maximum of 99MB. (You can find the max size of your thin client by logging in as Administrator -> Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Ram Disk icon. The dialog box will have “Ram Disk Limit for current configuration in MB: â€￾.)

It is recommended to free space of the Max Ram Drive + 10MB. For example, if the Ram Drive is 75MB, then it is recommended to have 85MB free.

Any comments?