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WTOS is still supporting SNMP. You should contact Wyse again and ask for the WTOS MIB. Maybe you shouldn’t tell them that you are using EOLed units but eg V10L.

SNMP support for WTOS is compliant to SNMPv2 standards.
The ASN.1 prefix to, and including the Wyse Enterprise is, where the following OID references will be used:
–The Wyse enterprise {}
–Product Group {}
–ThinClient Group {}
–wyseIT Group {}

The following portions of MIB II are implemented (the System group). Refer to RFC 1213 for details:
• (1) sysDescr – A textual description of the entity including HW type and software versions
• (2) sysObjectID – vendor’s authoritative identification of the network management subsystem contained in the entity
• (3) sysUpTime – time (in hundredths of a second) since the network management portion of the system was last re-initialized.
• (4) sysContact – contact person for this managed node.
• (5) sysName – domain name assigned to this node by the administrator
• (6) sysLocation – physical location of this node
• (7) sysServices – a value describing the set of services that this entity offers

The WTOS MIB is as follows, number in parenthesis is the OID reference:
• Administrative Group (1)
• (1) Trigger external reboot
• -1 cancel previously sent reboot trigger
• 0 send reboot trigger to reboot now
• 1 – 1440 reboot in # of minutes
• (2) send administrative message
• message will appear as part of the desktop, making the user switch back to the session they were in. The message will remain displayed on the desktop level until the reboot occurs.
• this message is informational only, and cannot be refused
• Current Information group (2)
• (1) Serial number – same value as serial number on Thin Appliance label