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I do not know a way to overcome this issues in a nother way then you already did it. But I just want to give you some background infos on the issues that coudl arise.
I have customer using XPes embedded IE to let the user surf the web. Opening a system like you did it and allow local apps will give you an uncountable risk. Some install an antivirus solution on the units to prevent this again.
Or maybe your user can attach their USB drives? Another big issue for security reasons.

Regarding flash live time. Flash memory is working in a different way then HDDs are. You only have limited count of flash read/write accesses. This means that around this value (which I don’t know right out of my head, but it was some million I think) the flash is dying. This does not mean that the whole flash is dead from one second to the other. But there will be more and more sectors on the flash die, resulting in less space.
Writefilter is helping to prevent this.