Reply To: Flash Memory Free on V90 XPe device is running low

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Thanks for the info. We do make it a standard practice to Enable WF so no unnecesary stuff gets written.

Our V90 is running:
V3.04 (Bld 0503.512)
XPe ver. 5.01/Sp2
CPU 1000

Our V90LE is running:
V4.06 (Bld 0596.512)
XPe ver. 5.01/Sp2
CPU 1200

I noticed the available free space on the V90LE is @100MB less than the V90. I can only assume that the new firmware accounts for the difference. If Flash acts like a HDD and you start to run out of space, I would expect you to see performance issues.

We are looking into other things to install on the V90LE (i.e. HotDesk Top, .Net…) as part of POC for future projects and I want to understand before going into it what I can expect when Flash is filling up.