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I really don’t want another big dinosaur of a machine laying around. the compact size and small amounts of memory the 3235le has is perfect. That and like you said, the shipping will far exceed the value of the machine.

Well I gave up for now and formatted and installed DOS 4.01 on another thin client. I used one of my HP/Compaq t5700 series units, it’s a piece of cake.

It just kills me to see that amount of power tied up running DOS. But he’s my dad and it’s worth it to see him focused on something other than the television. I only worry about him in the winter because he doesn’t get out much. In the summer I can’t keep up with him. I’m sure at some point while I was growing up he made some sacrifices for me, so I’ll tell him we’re even.

If any one has an idea how to convert my 3235 let me know cause I’d love to get that other machine back.

Thank you for your response and Happy New Year.

a 1GHz, 256MB DOS 4 machine…arrrgh!