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Great Thanks.

Got hold of a senior tech at Wyse .au today.

He believes that the lastest is .62 and so I have a WNOS and 512 of .62.
So thanks, understand you cant send it. But if you can confirm there is later I will chase it further.

Again a bit thick.

Ok at first I have but both files in, I assume that this means they have been flashed to .62 and can not go back until I down grade the firmware ( .39 for instance )? I also asume that it will be using the UTC_512 and igoring the UTC_wnos

So after down grade I just put the UTC_wnos ( .62) back in an it should download everytime.

Sorry for the repitition , It annoys me that a fairly simple system gets me confused. I think it may be due to the lack of sleep ( New Baby )

Incidentally, what sort of ‘features’ are mising from the UTC_512 ?

Thanks, Tim Canning