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Once I put the correct IPs in and reboot, I see those IPs the next time I check network Setup. In addition, the event log only tells me it can;t access the profile. it doesn’t tell me it can’t access the servers (ftp and Rapport)

I know this because I *DO* see it error on the fileserver after initial reset/reboot, until I change the IPs to the cioirect address.

I am not using dhcp tags. ftp box has a static IP .12. I can ping ftp box from V10L. If I disconnect ftp box, ping fails.

I can also ping V10L and remember, V10L shows up each time in device management in WDM.

I have the same wnos.ini running that I posted earlier here. I have it sitting in two places ftprootrapport and ftprootrapportwnos

I test a connection to the sql in WDM and it works fine. I try replacing rapport and it’s password with administrator credentials, and still no profile access.