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Hmmm . . .

Ok, Here’s what I did.

1. Removed the check in “Enable return . . .” in WDM. Leave wdm running

2. ON V10L I reset to factory defaults/reboot

3. It comes back, can’t connect intially. I expect this because It defauults to But my xp workstation running ftproot is It also inserts anonymous user in by default.

4. I change IP of fileserver in V10 Network tab and also ad the wdm server, both I leave anonymopus user/password alone and reboot.

5. It comes back up, still cannot load profile. No other error in event log Iverify WDM box and V10 can ping each other.

6. I go back into V10 Network settings and it has automatically replaced anonymous with rapport. I reboot. Still cannot load profile. No other error in event log

BTW, your password for rapport does not seem to be correct. In point 6, if I remove password for rapport and reboot, it comes up asking me for password. If I put password in exactly as you have it, it will not accept.

Also, I have WDM running during all this and after each reboot, WDM sees the device.

Thank you so much. I’m stumped.