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In addition to Cory’s answer I would like to provide some more infos.

– Workgroup vs Enterprise: There is one more reason to use Enterprise then the ones Cory named already. With Enterprise you can use a feature called Default Device Configuration (DDC). With DDC you can create groups of device and assign different configuration files to each group. This way you can use several different wnos.ini files and simply drag&drop the devices to a group with a special config. In my opinion the best Enterprise feature you can get.

– Licensing cost: As soon as you buy a Wyse client you also get a Workgrop license bundled along with it. But if you do not have any maintenance contract then you can only use the WDM version for free that was released at the time you bought the client. If you haven’t bought any client the last days you cannot use WDM 4.7 for free.
This could really be very confusing if you are buying client in very small charges over some time period.
I would recommend to buy 30 upgrade licenses to get everything on WDM 4.7. And also buy a maintenance contract to avoid this in the future.
If you like the idea of DDC you should probably upgrade to Enterprise.

Just my 2 cents.