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Hi Guys,

I don’t mean to hijack this thread (new to forums), but I’ve been having some problems with my autoconnectlist parameter.

This is what I am using:

In wnos.ini – There are other lines but probably not relevant?!

SignOn=Yes ConnectionManager=Maximize

In user.ini
PnliteServer=IP_ADDRESS ReconnectAtLogon=2 ReconnectFromButton=2 AutoConnectList=”Desktop”

S10 Firmware: 6.2.0_08

When I boot the S10 and login it automatically connects to the desired desktop (XenDesktop). If I click “Disconnect” in the XenDesktop (normal windows), then the session stays active and next time I login on the S10 it automatically reconnects fine. However, if I click “Logoff” in the XenDesktop then next time I sign in again to the S10 the desktop isn’t automatically started. It is only automatically started again if I reboot the S10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.