Reply To: Problems with initial setup of WDM 4.7

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Great, you did it. Yes, you are in.
Normaly you do not need the Rootpath parameter. Check the Quick Start Guide on my website (First steps) to better understand the combination of DHCP and local FTP server settings.
As a rule of thumb you can keep in mind that the server/path entry in the fileserver setting on the WTOS unit and the actual path that the unit is looking for is based on the following parameters:
– server IP is used to find FTP server
– username/password is used to log in to the above server
– according to the combination of username and IP you are redirected to the personal homeroot folder (anonmyous does not have one and is redirected to ftproot directly whereas the rapport user has the folder ftprootrapport as his homeroot)
– after beeing logged in the optional path named in the fileserver field is added to the homeroot folder
– now WTOS ALWAYS adds the subfolder wnos at the end of all these folders. This is where the wnos.ini, firmware, bitmap, certs, etc. have to be placed

A bit confusing in the beginning to easy if you keep the above tips in mind.