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Has anyone successfully found a solution for this yet? We’ve been having the same issue here across multiple sites using V10L’s with firmware 6.2.0_08. I’ve just escalated a Wyse support ticket on the issue.

I also just turned off session reliability hoping the problems would go away with it. We have two clients on firmware 6.1.0_08 that are not experiencing any problems – and that particular firmware does not support session reliability; which leads me to believe it may be related.

We also see other sporatic error messages along with our session drops: “Bad File Number”, “Invalid vdtw2 command” “No such device or address” and “Trap protection fault eip=0x16671d.”

After a disconnect/error message, a reboot usually gets the user logged back on ok. We’re using Citrix PS 4.5 and a published desktop.