Reply To: Problems with initial setup of WDM 4.7

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OK. I’m in. But I am getting a headache looking at the WDM PDF file. it seems geared towards the FTP server, and *at this point* all I want to do is use the WDM application. I understand that some of my confusion comes from the point that if not using a SERVER, but just my XP Workstation, it sets it up in a very ftp server-like way.

I am familiar with your Config Generator, and I understand the folder structure ftproot. It also appears that if I am NOT using ftp server, but my XP Box as the local wdm/rapport server – – – it sets up very similar to ftp server – – -only on a local workstation.

In WDM, when I go to default device configuration . . .it says I have to have the Enterprise version of WDM. I’m still running on a 30 day trial! My assumption is that it gives a GUI interface to setting up the inis, like your generator?? So, for now, that’s out.

And when I go to Package Manager – – – >Device Configuration—Is this where I package the ini generated by your generator to a file that I can push out to client??