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I have heard this before but never saw a solution.
Best would be to make a trace while the issue is seen and contact Wyse to find a solution.

The trace option is integrated in the OS itself.
You have to do the following:
-enable tracing by using this wnos.ini parameter
Privilege=High EnableTrace=yes
– create a folder /ftproot/wnos/trace with read/write rights or use a memory stick to write the data to
– start WTOS and do a right click on the desktop. You will see a new menu item
– select “Capture” or “Capture to USB stick”
– optional you can play with the Delay on Trace feature. If “Delay on Traceâ€￾ is enabled in Capture mode, then every write to trace file will be delayed. This is useful to capture crashing bug. If no delay, then the last write of the captured data will likely get lost when the system crashes. For capturing crashing bugs, if short delay can not capture the crash, then we will should try the long delay. For capturing non-crashing bugs, this should be un-checked so that no degradation of normal behavior of the captured sessions

– now start your session. If you are using a RDP session all infos are stored in ftproot/wnos/trace/trace.rdp otherwise it is obviously called trace.ica.
– in playback mode this trace is used and you can lean back and see a playback of your work

As soon as you have this trace file you should contact Wyse and send these traces in.