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Right. I wouldn’t use the switch globally. But you misunderstand my question.

To rephrase my question , is there any way I can modify the ini with ONLY direct access to local machine? I am not ready for ftp yet and I just want to play around with client locally for now.

As it was sent to me, there are two icons on desktop. One for Default RDP and one for Default ICA. I also see networ config, general properties and a few other things. But I see no way to access the wnos.ini fole locally or have any access to a file explorer of any kind.

MY Assumption was that this was DEFAULT setup and the box had not been messed around with by someone else. If so, then I see no way to locally edit a wnos.ini file. Is this by design . . . . or am I possibly not looking at a factory default setup. I have NO documentation

Thanks so much