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and welcome to the world of Thin OS (which is the best OS I know).
The video is a very good starting point. I have one quick start guide on my website ( which could be of help also.
This guide describes how to set up a client and all needed netwrok resources.
Each terminal is in “admin mode” by default. As you were able to configure all parameters there is nothing more an admin could do – except via the wnos.ini configuration file on a FTP server.
In such a wnos.ini file you can set the privilege level to something like “none” or “low”. Then you are no longer able to configure everything locally and you need an admin mode. This is configured also via wnos.ini and as soon as you have configured both, privilege level and admin mode, the option is no longer greyed out.
Use my ConfGen tool to create the needed wnos.ini but only configure the parameters you need as I do see it more and more often that user configure everything ConfGen can do although they don’t need it.
Keep it simple like WTOS is.