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Cory is right. One feature if the WDM enterprise edition is the ability to be distributed on several machines. You can use a special DB server for your database or install the console on several places as you want to do.
The install is quite simple.
Start the setup on the remote machine (in your case the help desk one) and enter the same Enterprise key you have used to install the core WDM system – this is important!
No select custom install and deselect everything except the console. Some options are greyed out as they can only exist ones and are already installed on the core machine. They cannot be deselcted which is OK.
To give the help desk user the needed right, open the COnfiguration Manager-User Permission part. Add the help desk user or group and assign the needed rights.
With the Advanced View part in the Configuration Manager you can even limit the view for that user. This way he can eg only see and administer region north but not south, west and east.