Reply To: Expected lifecycle of S10/V10L

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All very good questions!

From a hardware perspective they last a long time – I have worked with a large retail company and they have devices going on 9 years old. If they break they bin them and buy a new one! This really relates to the long mean time between failure (I thing 80, 000 hours).

As yo point out what really makes units obsolete is hardware changes (ie. now I need two monitors not one) or software support. Assuming you are happy with the hardware you should check with Wyse on the roadmap for S10 an V10L. With the older 1125 and 1200LE Wyse made updates for these over a year after production ceased.

My 2 cents is WTOS is a great platform, V10L are new, have a more powerfull graphicsCPU and should be a good future proof device if you can budget these over S10.