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@thinkthin wrote:

Not sure however…..

I have completed a project converting 3125 to 1125 (CE to WTOS) and found a large amout of units with AMTEL BIOS (NOR) chips would not re-flash.

We purchased new SST chips and they flashed. So, see if you can FTP upgrade the units and check the BIOS chip and see what type it is,


(And of course I will send you a NastyGram for opening an old thread – we have rules here dam it, rules! Just wish I could find where I posted them…)


Now, that finally makes sense! I was wondering why some would work and some would not if it was supposedly some mysterious incompatibility with my test server. That explanation just saved me a lot of time and headaches.

I don’t know about you but I think that bit of new info was worth the zombified thread. If not, I’ll send you a bunch of wet noodles and you can flog me later. 😆

Take care and thanks again,

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