Reply To: Configure 1125SE to access Citrix via CSG

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@thinkthin wrote:

Give Wyse support a call, explain the issue and see what code the send!

I actually did and received a 5.2.0_60 firmware from Wyse. However, upon updating, i cannot seem to use PNAgent anymore – the PNAgent field has been greyed out under the Network|Server menu.

Refering to the event log, the boot up is showing “No operating system, “Network Setup” invoked as the last line. I am also seeing a “MiniRom tattooed on the top right hand corner of my screen.

I called up Wyse again and they provided another firmware, but i can’t seem to be able to load this firmware. My wnos.ini file already has the following set:


Can someone please enlight and provide some suggestion on what i can do next?

Thanks again…